Smokey Olive Wood

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We use the roots of the olive trees that need to be harvested because the shaker arm of the harvester no longer comes to the trunk of the tree. Previously, the roots were used as firewood and burnt in power plants to generate electricity. SOW works together with various olive farmers who have to harvest a part of the plantation every year. This ensures that enough raw materials is coming in every year to keep production going. Typical types of wood such as beech wood or oak are specially cleared for the wood industry.

We make use of a wood drying oven that is powered by solar panels. First step of drying is done with the sun. It is common to have a drying oven run on wood chips, gas or electricity. SOW uses only a minimal amount of power to drive the pump that allows the heat of the solar panels to circulate. This makes the SOW products in many ways much more sustainable than identical products.

Because SOW uses the roots for the olive wood, we do not need to remove any bark. In wood species such as beech wood the logs are used, this must be debarked before it is processed, resulting in waste.

Everything from the olive root is used. When sawing the chunks, we produce sawdust, which we use for the smoke moth. When shredding what remains after sawing the chunks, different sizes of chips are produced, both the coarse chips Nr 3, the smaller chips nr 2 and also a part of the sawdust No. 1

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